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Tea Ceremony

Japanese traditional tea ceremony is a way to show how much the host welcomes the guests and to serve a bowl of tea for them. At the tea ceremony, guests and the host share precious time and care for each other with respect.

You will enjoy a quiet, meditative time with the sound of boiling water and making tea.

We hope you enjoy the tea ceremony.

Matcha tea powder is finely ground green tea. Its aroma and taste are so delicate.

Donation is greatly appreciated.

West Wing Building of Salt Lake Buddhist Temple (Wheelchair accessible)


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Tea Ceremony Demonstration will be held at:

1st session 11:15 am ~ 

2nd session 1:00 pm ~ 

3rd session 2:15 pm ~  

4th session 3:30 pm ~ 



Tea tasters:

$5 per person.
Tickets are sold and distributed ONLY at the door on April 29th.

Limited seats are available. We accept ​Cash  or Venmo.    

We will serve a Japanese treat followed by a bowl of matcha.

1st session  / 11:15 am ~ (Tickets Sales & Distribution Begin at 10 am)

2nd session / 1:00 pm ~ (Tickets Sales & Distribution Begin at 11:45 am)

3rd session / 2:15 pm ~  (Tickets Sales & Distribution Begin at 1 pm)

4th session / 3:30 pm ~  (Tickets Sales & Distribution Begin at 2:15 pm)

If you do not come back 5 minutes prior to the session, your seat may be given to someone else who is on the waiting list.


If you want to observe the demonstration for free:

Limited to 30 people at each session.
Observers expect to stand behind the tea tasters during the session.


What to expect with your Nihon Matsuri Tea Ceremony experience

For All of the participants:


  • The door opens 15 minutes before each session and closes 5 minutes before each session. Please come to the West Wing Building no later than 5 minutes before the session.

  • Please be quiet and respectful to others during the session.

  • Children are welcome, but if they cannot stay quiet or need to move around, we ask you to take them outside.

  • You can take pictures during the session.

For the tea tasters:


    ● The green tea being served is caffeinated.

 ● You will be served a sugary treat followed by a bowl of tea.

 ● When served the tea, bow your head to show your thanks rather than speaking – a quiet setting makes for a perfect  tea ceremony.

For more information about Tea Ceremony please visit these website: 
Thank you for your support.

You can find high quality Match at  tea grotto
Tea Ceremony whisks were donated by Lumbini's Garden

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Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 12.44.49
Lumbini's Garden
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