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Nihon Matsuri Map 2024

Booth Information

Booth ifo

Booth1    Information

New design T-shirts  $18 each, Clearance T-shirts $8  ​Included Tax.

Booth 2  Food Truck

Crepes, curry, Rice bowl, beef bowl, drinks, bento box.

Booth 3  Food Truck


Booth 4. Information 

Karma Incarnate

Donations of food for the food bank and info on travel to Japan

Booth 5  Information 

Petition for JAPANTOWN

Petition for JAPANTOWN

Booth 6  Food

Tempura Bento, Manjyu, Soft drinks

Booth 7. Food

Takiyaki (Japanese stuffed waffles)

Booth 8. Food

Fusion Hot Dogs

Hot dogs with an Asian flair

Booth 9. Food

Frozen dessert

Booth 10. Food 

Crepes, Rice balls, curry, Beef Bowls, drinks,

Booth 11. Food

Tonkatsu bowls, Mochi

Booth 12. Food

apanese and Taiwanese-inspired food.

Booth 13. Food

Mochi donuts & sparking fruitcups/popping boba

Booth 14.  Food

Traditional Hawaiian poke bowls with an Asian flair

Booth 15.  Food

Boba drink

Booth 16. Food

Boba Drinks

Booth 17.  Food

Karaage Bento, Spam Musubi, Japanese Tea, Soda 

Booth 18. Marchandise

Art and Crafts

Booth 19.  Food Trailer

Sushi, vegan sushi, etc

Booth 20.  Marchandise

Alpaca wool sweaters, blankets, bags, dresses, novelty toys, and more

           21.  Event

You can try to pound and make mochi

Booth 22.  Marchandise


Art and Crafts

Booth 23.  Marchandise


Booth 24.  Information 

Travel Agency, information booth only, no items to be sold.

Booth 25. Merchandise

Upcycled Japanese Kimono and Obi. Backpacks, purses, tote bag, phone cases, etc.

Booth 26. 


Volunteer people will meet at the booth

Booth 27.    Information 

Tri-Chapter JACL

Information about JACL

Booth 28. Merchandise

Buddhist & other figurines

Booth 29. Merchandise

Anime Prodcts- Collectibles

Booth 30.  Information 

UATJ will provide information about Japanese programs in Utah and engage in fundraising activities through Uchiwa making

Booth 31.Merchandise

Insulated Bottle Totes, Asian Fabrics, Quilts, Few Kid & Adult Aprons & Bibs, Misc Gifts

Booth 32. Merchandise

Unique T-shirts and more

Booth 33. Information 

Department of World Languages & Cultures, University of Utah information

Booth 34. Merchandise

Photo Frames Made In Japanese Style Kakejiku

Booth 35. Information 

US Bank Information

Booth 36. Information

USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service

Federal Government

Booth 37. Merchandise

Kokeshi dolls, Obi, Glassware

Booth 38. Merchandise

3 Fish

Hand-made macrame art & jewelry, real insect jewelry, keychains, bottle openers & paperweights

Booth 39.  Marchandise

Lily's Florist & Gifts

Bonsai & bamboo plants

Booth 40.  Information 

Insurance information

Booth 41.  Marchandise

Convention tickets, Possibly merch

Booth 42.  Marchandise

Origami Ornaments/Origami Cards/Hand-Dyed Furoshiki/Origami Decor 

Booth 43.  Japanese Games & Activites

Japanese games, Fun activities & Free Crafts

Booth 44.  Exhibis

JCC Exhibits 
  • History of the Japanese Church of Christ to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the dedication of the Chapel

  • Salt Lake City's Japantown

  • Tribute to Raymond S. Uno 
    Cultural exhibits

Booth 45.  Exhibits

Salt Lake Buddhist Temple Exhibits 
  • Artwork (Oil Paint) by Hisako Hibi

  • Shodo(Japanese calligraphy) by Masami Hayashi

  • Ikebana(Japanese art of arranging flowers)

  • Kimono Display
    The history of Sports and Railroad from the special collections at the University of Utah

Nihon Matsuri Sponsors

JCC  Booth #6 & Exhibits

Ogden Buddhist Church Booth #11

SL Buddhist Church Booth #17 & Exhibits

US Bank Booth #35

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