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Booth Information

Booth ifo

Booth1    Food

Manju plate, Teriyaki Chicken bowl, Teriyaki hot dog bowl, Noodle salad.

Booth 2  Food

Takiyaki (Japanese stuffed waffles)

Booth 3  Food

Hot dogs - Tonkatsu dogs, Maui Wowie dogs,
Kimchi dogs

Booth 4. Food

sushi, vegan sushi, Japanese street eats,
premium mochi


Booth 5  Food

Okonomi-yaki, Tako-yaki, Boba

Booth 6  Food


Booth 7. Food

Pork Tonkatsu Plate ,Manju , Mochi Bites

Booth 8. Food

Karaage Bento (Japanese Fried Chicken Lunch box), Spam Musubi

Booth 9. Merchandise

Anime Marchandises

Booth 10. Food and Freebies

Peko-chan gummies, Japanese steamed buns, Ramune, Calpico soda, Melon soda

They will also be giving away freebies.

Booth 11. Food

Japanese snacks, Brownies, Cookies.

Booth 12. Information

Xfinity Internet, TV, & Mobile Services

Booth 13. Food

Mochi donuts

Booth 14.  Merchandise

Japanese Kakejiku, Calligraphy, Shikishi and Lessons

Booth 15.  Food

Snack , Candy , Ramune etc.

Guess Who

Booth 16. Merchandise

Gift, Toys

Booth 54.  Information


Booth 19. Information

Department of World Languages & Cultures, University of Utah information

Booth 18.  Freebies

Giving away freebies.

Booth 17. Merchandise

Kawaii marchandise

Booth 20. Merchandise

Insulated Bottle Totes, Asian Fabrics, Quilts, Few Kid & Adult Aprons & Bibs, Misc Gifts

Booth 21. Information

Nataurally Plus USA

Naturally Plus USA (NPUSA) products/business opportunity information. 

Booth 22.    Merchandise

Booth 22

Arts and crafts from Ecuador

Booth 23. Merchandise

Buddhist & other figurines

Booth 24. Merchandise

Kokeshi dolls, Obi, Glassware

Booth 25.  Merchandise

Unique T-shirts and more

Booth 26. Information

Convention tickets, Possibly merch

Booth 27. Merchandise

Booth 27

Hand made micro macrame jewelry including necklaces, Bracelet,  Earrings, Rings.
Real insect including necklaces, Bracelet, Desk decoration, Paperweight, Keychains, Bottle opener.

Booth 28. Merchandise

Lily's Bonsai

Bonsai, Bamboo plants

Booth 29. Information

Goldfish catching game.  Info about KUEN Channel 9.4,  NHK World-Japan.

Booth 30. Merchandise

Toshiko Inc.

Jpanese snacks, drinks and gift items

Booth 31. Information

Parliament Marketing LLC

Travel information

Booth 32. Merchandise

Booth 32

Japanes washi eggs, Kanji magnets

Booth 33. Merchandise

Booth 33

Arts and crafts from Ecuador

Booth 34.  Marchandise

Guess Who

Gifts, Toys 

North Side

South Side

Nihon Matsuri Sponsors

JCC  Booth #1
Makiko's Daycare Center Booth #10

Ogden Buddhist Church Booth #7

Makiko's Daycare Center

SL Buddhist Church Booth #8

Ocean Mart Booth #18

China Town  #15

Screenshot 2023-04-14 at 2.46.54 AM.jpg

JACL Booth  #11

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 1.37.41 AM.png
Comcast Booth #12
Zion Bank #54
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