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Booth Rental

Booth spaces will be located on both sides of 100 South between 200 West and 300 West. Booth package includes tent, two folding chairs and one 8’ table. Additional tables and chairs are available for an additional cost. You are responsible for any display items, shelves, additional tables, chairs etc.

A $100 cleaning deposit will be required and returned if your tent is undamaged and space is clean. 10% of gross sales will be collected at the end of day for the Nihon Matsuri.

Applications are due on or by April 1, 2023.

Please submit two checks, one check or money order or Paypal ( We do not accept credit card) for the booth rental, and one for the cleaning deposit both payable to Nihon Matsuri.

Booth fees are non-refundable after April 20, 2023.


Food Vendors must apply for a 1-day food license through the Salt Lake Valley Health Department. Everyone in your booth must have a valid Utah food handler’s permit with them.

You will receive a tax chart and a tax form that you will be responsible for filing. All non-profit organizations are exempt but will still need to fill out the paperwork.

If you would like to be placed on the Nihon Matsuri website or Facebook page please submit information.

We are aware that booth placement is of utmost importance to our vendors and hope to satisfy all wishes accordingly. However, booth placement will be at the discretion of the committee.

Application does not guarantee acceptance to the festival. You will receive an acceptance letter. The Nihon Matsuri reserves the right to jury and deny any merchandise, food or vendor. The festival is not responsible for any stolen or damaged merchandise.

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